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About Barrel Dawg

Barrel Dawg first entered the music industry back in 2018. Beginning to write and perform new songs at local venues soon created quite a buzz in the Mid North Coast region establishing themselves in the blues community.  After much  anticipation, their debut EP was released, and fans and critics alike were excited about 'Mongrel's Unleashed' recorded at ShoeHorse Studio.

B' Dawg (Aka Mella) has a passion for unique instruments like Cigar Box Guitars, Banjo and Resonator Guitar.  She is inspired by the raw soul exhibited by bluesmen such as Son House and Robert Johnson infused with her own improvisation to create unique folky blues &roots music with the simplicity of old blues storytelling.  She also uses a combination of finger picking and slide methods with a little distortion to deliver some big, dirty, swampy blues sound!  This concept creates a musical journey for the listener.

Mongrel  keeps the engine revving with big bold Bass whilst B' Dawg plays, sings and stomps!  Mongrel understands the principles of good blues basslines and provides some solid rhythm, he is as dependable as the lifeguards at Bondi!  Barrel Dawg is primarily a built around husband and wife team  with  the addition of some powerful support musicians referred to as the Strays who join in to suit the different shows

The Strays:

Muttley: Muttley helps out with vocal backing and rhythm guitar to make sure everyone is having a howlin' good time.  He has the most amazing voice and is the biggest larrikin' - his enthusiasm is contagious!  Be prepared for the dad jokes though,  because he loves to make people smile.

Madra and Jed Dawg: The dawgs with the stix!  These dawgs create the primary rhythmic function, and they know how to whack out a great drum beat to get the crowd stomping like crazy!  Madra is up north and Jed is in the mountains.

They’re a bit of mountain music, bluesy, rootsie, swampy and tad dark country… whatever the case, together, these guys are deadset, fair dinkim, fun story tellers and it’s all about having a rip snorting good time!

It's not all fun and games though, the group take their music and performance very serious and have shared the stage with some music greats such as, Kevin Borrich, Minnie Marks,  Claude Hay, Steve Bennett and Dan Hopkins to name a few playing repeat festivals such as Butter Factory Blues & Roots and Smoke in Broke! 

Barrel Dawg are available for live performance bookings, house concerts, festivals, private parties and interviews. We can tailor our shows to suit your needs, from a duo to a full band!  Feel free to get in touch to chat more.

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