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This interesting bunch of misfits will have you on your feet with their gritty, rootsy sound, stirring up a foot stomp'n frenzy. Whether it is the Barrel Dawg dynamic trio performing or the full band experience, they will always leave you howling for more. From Cigar Box Guitars, and banjo to back-up vocalists, and a crazy percussionist who wears his tambourine as a collar, Barrel Dawg's pack of strays will entertain you from go to whoa.

Their debut EP ‘Mongrels Unleashed’ is getting top reviews from radio presenters around the country.

Black and White Star in Circle

Media Kit

Everything You Need to Know

Barrel Dawg love interacting with the media, and here you can download our press information and promotion materials. Learn everything there is to know about this talented band, and get in touch if you need more material.

Image by NordWood Themes

Press Release / Barrel Dawg Bio

Photographs for Promo


Our photos are in Microsoft Word format and are available here for promotional use only.  If you require alternative HD pics, please contact us.

Media Kit EPK
Image by Brett Jordan

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NSW Australia

Mella Miante for all

Band Management & Media Enquiries:


We regularly travel between Port Macquarie & Lithgow areas.  However, we love to travel so hit us up if you want to see us elsewhere.



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